Default properties

The default properties of our WOOD BIG product range guarantee that you will benefit from top quality, professional, cutting-edge doors and windows with a long life-cycle.

3 rétegű üveg DSC_0914.JPG
Triple-pane glass

Triple glazing guarantees durability and protection from external noises, so you can sit back relaxed and enjoy the tranquillity of your home.

vízvető szárnytakaró ezüst-bronz- fehér  színekben DSC_0923.JPG
Diagonal design

Diagonal design provides windows with an elegant appearance, to ensure that they fit perfectly with the interior of your home.

biztonsági záródarab DSC_0940.JPG
Biztonsági záródarab

Our wood products are equipped with safety locking pieces, enabling windows to reach a similar level of safety as our entrance doors.

bukócsapágy DSC_0927.JPG
Tilt/open lock rotator

A massive, 30 mm wide fitting which thus also ensures improved stability in the tilted position as well, and the knob lock guarantees safety.

modern vonalvezetésű vízvető, és szárnytakaró  DSC_0973.JPG

All our wood window ranges are equipped with drainage by default. Water has no chance of being stuck on any wood surface, ensuring that your window will preserve its original condition and durability for a long time.

Habosított TSP tőmtítés, jó záródás habosított gumítőmítés, magas tolerancia szint, garantált zárás  DSC_0930.JPG
Foam TSP seal

We use special foam TSP seal for our windows, which provide high flexibility to retake their shape and provide secure sealing.