Beneficiary name:

Jankó Faipari és Kereskedelmi Limited Liability Company 

Project title:

Weinig Conturex CNC profiling centre purchase at Jankó Ltd.  

Project number:


The amount of contracted support:

100 000 000 Ft

The support rate (in %):

44,59 %


Presentation of the project:

Nowadays the market demands are set up for fenestration manufacturing companies with very high requirements - to work as quickly as possible; fast change of profile without time loss; high quality; set the exact delivery time.

Our company can fully comply with these requirements with the Weinig Conturex 125 Vario profiling centre for both component production and machining. The centre is fully connected and compatible with the controlling system, which has been carefully crafted and well-tried over the years, so it can be easily integrated into the manufacturing process, however, the quality, accuracy and capacity can be greatly increased.


It can store enough tools in its units to process up to 15 different profiled products and it can switch among these profiles without any tool change, time setting, specimen making. With this very important feature it helps to gain new markets, as it provides flexible, fast and safe work.

With this machining centre, the possibility of clamping and moving the material opens up on a worktable that absolutely guarantees the passage speed and the clamping. So any micro-resonance is completely excluded, which greatly improves the surface quality.

During machining - while the component passes through the machine - it profiles to custom size with the parallel, sequentially entering machining units, so the air inlet, the places of the opening sensors and casing retainers can be cut without any time loss or the multiple "grabbing" of the parts.

With this centre, you can precisely set the production deadlines when the manufacturing process is started since the manual work and any potential time loss is completely excluded, so with adding the calculated time after profiling, a very accurate production deadline can be safely undertaken.

The project's competition date: 2016.04.07
Project Identification Number: GINOP-1.2.1-14-2014-00387